The mammoth of a tree creaked and groaned as something large climbed up the limbs, jarring me from my thoughts. I grasped around for a branch I could pull loose and wield as a weapon, but my fingers found no reprieve. My heart beat in my throat as the creature climbed higher.

Travellors Way - From the Ashes

Travellors Way:

From the Ashes

(Book 1)

Winter 2024 - Coming Soon!

In a whirlwind Hanna leaves everything she once knew for the adventure of the unknown.
The world is harsh - that’s always how I’ve known it. Where I grew up there was no room for the different or unusual… which is why I hid in plain sight - at least for a time.
And then when I was betrayed by the only people I've ever known, a menagerie of the unusual swept me away.
Surrounded by the mystique of a traveling carnival of oddities, will I be able to discover myself, all while trying to avoid the affections of the mysterious and dangerous carnival leader Adrian?
God only knows - and I just pray I survive.