Travellors Way Series

Release Date February 28th

Travellors Way: Book 1 is set to "drop" on Amazon for our FREE PROMOTION week on February 28th, 2023! Please check back!

From the Ashes

My world can be a dangerous place, especially for someone who stands out. It’s the reason I’ve kept my gifts hidden for so many years.
When an unusual group of travelers come to town, my village becomes a tinder box waiting to explode. Upon meeting the mysterious and commanding leader of this caravan I know a match has been lit - I can only hope to be clear of the flames when the whole town goes up.
Though the question remains, am I safer with this mystical group, or safer without?

Wandering Spirit

Hanna and the caravan have headed south where she meets an old friend, learns new magic, and awakens powerful feelings inside herself.

Frozen Passage

Hanna and Adrian head north to confront enemies from his past. Together they survive or together they die.